Global Corporate Card

Global Corporate Card

The BBVA Global Corporate Card solution offers multinationals a comprehensive and integrable easy-to-use solution with which they can check, view and manage spending on cards for all countries according to several criteria and different currencies. With only 15 issuers, the Global Corporate Card covers more than 100 countries and 29 currencies, including the BBVA dual currency cards in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay (in US dollars and local currency).

Pillars of the solution:

  • Multinational Alliance (Visa Multinational Premium Solutions)
  • World Acceptance 
  • Standard file (VCF)
The BBVA solution is adapted to each company's needs:

  • It facilitates the sending of cards' information in a standard and homogeneous manner (VCF file) on the platform - ERP chosen by the customer
  • There are more than 20 compatible solutions with the VCF files
  • BBVA offers the web tool Visa IntelliLink Spend Management, which gives multinationals control and statistics of the business cards in numerous regions and makes it possible to view transactions, analyze suppliers, obtain exceptions to expenditure behavior, activity reports and statements

For the Regional and Local manager :

  • Ease of access and daily control (card status, expenses, etc.) of countries
  • Regional and local homogeneous view

For the CFO and the Finance Department:

  • Capacity to reduce spending
  • Predefined and customizable financial statements
  • Competitive financial conditions

For the Expense Management Department:

  • Analysis of the top suppliers
  • Detailed report of the suppliers organized by category to negotiate rates (e.g. hotels / airlines)

For Compliance and Human Resources:

  • Reports of potential transactions that may not be in line with spending policy
  • Detection of unusual spending behavior

For the employees and cardholders:

  • Access to statements
  • Transaction search
  • Expense settlement