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BBVA no longer markets in Belgium, or from Belgium, loans or savings products to individuals or small businesses, nor does it use direct customer acquisition strategies. More information." 


What is the purpose of this Personal Data Protection Policy?

The purpose of this "Personal Data Protection Policy" is to inform you about how we gather, process, and protect the personal data that you give to us or we collect via the BBVA ".be" websites (such as and for the website, for people who access it through the website and for customers (and potential customers) of the Belgian Branch of BBVA users of the site), and hereafter, the "Website/s" through forms and/or cookies so that you can decide freely and voluntarily if you would like us to process them.

When you take out products or services with BBVA, your personal data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding contract.

The Website is owned by Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (“BBVA”). To obtain more information on BBVA and each website, check their respective Terms and Conditions of Use: here

This document serves to inform you about the data processing that BBVA carries out through the Website. However, it does not apply to data that may be processed by third parties via other web pages, even if such web pages are linked to the Website. Please read this Personal Data Protection Policy each time you use the Website, as it may have undergone changes.

Who is the data controller responsible for processing your data?

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. ("BBVA"), with registered office at Plaza de San Nicolás 4, Bilbao (Spain). Email address

How do I contact the BBVA Personal Data Protection Officer?

You can contact the BBVA Data Protection Officer at the following email address:

For any request relating only to the BBVA Branch in Belgium, you can contact the Branch by sending an email to


1.     To manage your browsing on each site in accordance with our cookies implementation policy, which you can see here.

2.     For the purposes and with the authorization indicated in each of the forms used by the Website to collect personal data.

At BBVA we process your personal data with absolute confidentiality. We undertake to keep your data confidential and also guarantee that we will comply with our duty to store your data appropriately by adopting all the measures necessary to prevent it from being altered, lost, processed, or accessed without authorization, in accordance with the legal obligations that apply to us as the controller of your personal data.  

At BBVA, we have implemented and maintain the highest levels of security required by legislation to protect personal data against accidental loss and unauthorized access, processing, or disclosure, given the state of technology, the nature of the stored data, and the risks to which it is exposed. 

Will BBVA send you marketing communications?

Using data collection forms, BBVA may ask for your consent to contact you via standard mail, email, SMS, or any other equivalent means of electronic communication, to send you marketing communications about its products and/or third-party products identified on the form.

If, at any time, you no longer wish to receive communications of this nature, you can withdraw your consent by sending a notification to email address:; or to postal address: Servicio de Atención al Cliente Grupo BBVA, APDO: 1598 - 28080 Madrid and for the BBVA branch in Belgium, to the following email address: or to postal address: BBVA Belgian Branch; Cantersteen 47; B-1000 Brussels, by providing a copy of proof of identity or by using the link provided for this purpose in commercial communications you receive.

How long will we store your data?

We will keep your data for the period specified on the form which, where applicable, we provide you so you can send your personal data to BBVA, as well as for the period specified in the Cookies Policy published on the Website.


We will only transfer your data to third parties if required to do so by law or if you give us your consent to do so.

When your consent is required in order to disclose your personal data to third parties, the relevant data collection forms will indicate the purpose of the processing, which data will be disclosed, and the identity or the activity sectors of any parties that might receive your personal data.

In order to offer you a suitable service and manage our relationship with you as a customer, please consult the address (, where you will find a categorized list of the companies that process your data on behalf of BBVA as part of the services they have been hired to provide.

For the Belgian Branch of BBVA, third party companies that can process personal data are BBVA subsidiaries in Spain and the rest of the world (provided the data at issue is transferred in accordance with the agreed purposes and is needed in order to analyze or perform a transaction), as well as the bank's subcontractors, partners, brokers and insurers, to the extent that the latter participate in managing the branch's products and services, and only for the purposes of managing these products and services and ensuring that they function properly.

These third-party companies are classified into the following categories: (i) printing and packaging services, and archiving and scanning services, (ii) postal and courier services, (iii) storage, receipt and forwarding of securities orders and payment processing services (iv) insurance and insurance brokerage services, (v) asset management services, (vi) audit and advisory services, (vii) communication services, (viii) collection services, (ix) computer services.

Your personal data may also be transferred to the regulatory, judicial, administrative, or tax authorities or to the National Bank of Belgium, in accordance with applicable legislation, or to regulated professionals such as lawyers, notaries, and auditors.

You can consult the Cookies Policy to check which third parties will receive personal data through this Website's cookies.

Please also be aware that certain companies that provide services to BBVA may access your personal data for the same purposes as indicated above (international data transfers). These transfers will be made to countries with a data protection level that is equivalent to that of the European Union (suitability decisions issued by the European Commission, standard contractual clauses and certification mechanisms).

For more information, please contact the BBVA Data Protection Officer at the following email address:

Does BBVA use cookies on this website?

Our Website uses "cookies" technology. For more detailed information on how BBVA uses cookies, see the Cookie Policy here.

Does BBVA use links to other websites?

The Website may contain links to other web pages. Please note that BBVA is not liable for the privacy and processing of personal data from other websites. This Personal Data Protection Policy document exclusively applies to information collected on the Websites by BBVA. We recommend that you read the personal data processing policies of the other websites to which our Websites are linked or which you visit by any other means. You can also obtain information on our policy on links in the legal notices available here





Right of access

Right of access to your personal data included in BBVA files

Right of rectification
Right to amend (or complete) your personal data if it is inaccurate (or incomplete)
Right of erasure
Right to request that your personal data be erased (within the limits permitted by law).
Right of opposition
Right to oppose the processing of your personal data (in particular, to oppose the processing of your personal data for commercial purposes, including the creation of profiles for this purpose), taking into account that, when exercising this right for other reasons, it may not be possible to provide the services or products of the BBVA branch in France if the information at issue is required for this purpose.
Right to restrict data processing

Right to request that the processing of your data be restricted. This right can be exercised in the following cases:

  • While challenges as to the accuracy of your data are being checked.
  • If the data processing activities are unlawful, but there is opposition to your data being erased.
  • If BBVA does not need to process your data, but you need it in order to file or defend against claims.
  • If you have objected to your data being processed in order to comply with an undertaking in the public interest or to fulfill a legitimate interest, while considering if the legal grounds for processing the data prevail over the ones you cite.
Right to portability
The right to receive the personal data collected by BBVA (as long as technically possible) or to request that this data be conveyed to a third party.

Right to give instructions on the storage, deletion and communication of data in the event of death.

(only for the French branch of BBVA)

The right to give instructions on the storage, deletion, or communication of your personal data in the event of death.

The customer service channels are as follows:

- email:

- by post: BBVA Group Customer Services Department, P.O. Box: 1598 - 28080 MADRID

At the Belgian Branch: 

- email:

- by post: BBVA Belgian Branch; Cantersteen 47 ; B-1000 Brussels

If you consider that we have not processed your personal data in accordance with current regulations, you can contact BBVA's Data Protection Officer at the following email address: or for any complaints regarding only the BBVA branch in Belgium at

You can also send a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( or, for a complaint concerning only the Belgian branch of BBVA, to the Data Protection Authority (

To exercise your rights, please attach a copy of your identity card or passport to your request.

Exercising your rights is free.

Likewise, you can also withdraw your consent at any time without affecting the legality of the data processing procedure by sending a request to the email address:; and to Servicio de Atención al Cliente del Grupo BBVA APDO: 1598 - 28080 Madrid; or, if you have given your consent to the BBVA branch in Belgium, at the address or by post to BBVA Belgian Branch: Cantersteen 47 ; B-1000 Brussels - Tél. +32 472 630 022.

Remember to include a copy of your ID card or passport alongside the request.

Additional information for customers of the Belgian Branch of BBVA

We may collect confidential data after obtaining your explicit consent: 

• health data (to take out an insurance contract, when necessary).


Information about how the personal data of legal representatives and contacts is protected

We will process your personal data in order to manage a contract between BBVA and the company, legal person, or supplier of which you are a legal representative or contact.

Furthermore, BBVA will process your personal data to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism in order to comply with its information and identification obligations and to provide information on payment transactions with the authorities of other countries, both within and outside the European Union, on the basis of the legislation of certain countries and the agreements signed with them.

The legal basis that enables us to process your personal data is the performance of the agreement in which you act as a representative or contact, as well as compliance with our legal obligations.

We will process your personal data in order to manage a contract between BBVA and the company, legal person, or supplier of which you are a legal representative or contact. At the end of these relationships, BBVA will keep your archived data until the expiration of the longest retention or limitation periods provided for by the regulations in force, i.e. in general and subject to more restrictive provisions and legislative changes, 10 years for the data to be kept in the context of the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.

At the end of any applicable retention and limitation periods, your personal data will be deleted.

Additional information for the customers, legal representatives and contacts of corporate customers and suppliers of the Belgian branch of BBVA:

The personal data categories in question are as follows:

· identification and contact details (surnames, name, place and date of birth, photo, ID number and passport, postal and email address, telephone number, sex, age, signature);

· identification and authentication data, especially on the use of online banking services (technical logs, computer fingerprints, information on device security and use, IP address);

· tax details (including tax status and country of residence);

· family situation (civil status, marital status);

· information on qualifications and employment (level of studies, employment, name of the company).

We may also collect confidential data subject to your explicit consent:

•health data (to take out an insurance policy for example, when necessary).

The sources of the personal data collected are from the customer, the company, legal person, or supplier of which you are a legal representative or contact, or sources that are either public or accessible by subscription, such as directories or databases held by commercial information companies or official records (such as the Commercial and Business Registry or beneficial owners).

Last updated: February 2024.


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