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BBVA no longer markets in Belgium, or from Belgium, loans or savings products to individuals or small businesses, nor does it use direct customer acquisition strategies. More information." 

Regulated savings account marketed by Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A., Belgium branch (BBVA)

In order to offer greater transparency to savers, this website is intended for both customers and non-customers. This website provides a summary of all the relevant information on the regulated savings scheme offered by BBVA.


In the event of a transfer from one savings account to another savings account opened in the name of the same account holder at the same bank, which is not due to a standing order, the period during which the loyalty bonus has been accumulated in the first savings account will be maintained, provided that the amount of the transfer is at least 500 euros and the account holder in question has not already made three transfers of this type from the same savings account during the same calendar year.

I. Information on the types and conditions of regulated savings accounts

Remuneration is always composed of basic interest and a loyalty bonus. Bear in mind that the sum of the basic interest rate and the loyalty bonus is only valid at present for an amount that remains in your account for 1 year, and provided that the basic interest rate does not vary.

Before opening a savings account, you must read the key saver information document.


Regulated savings accounts




Basic interest
Loyalty bonus
Sum of basic rate and loyalty bonus 
Applicable requirements
A 1 
0.01% annual
0.75% annual
0.76% annual
1 This is a "classic" savings account, which means that no conditions are applied to the basic interest rate or the loyalty bonus. For more information, visit the WIKIFIN website:

Basic interest is accrued from the day the money is deposited into the account until the day it is withdrawn. The bank can change the basic interest rate at any time. The basic interest is paid into your account from January 1, the value date, or when the account is closed.

The loyalty bonus is only earned on amounts that have continually remained in the regulated savings account during the 12 months following payment. If you withdraw your money before the end of the 12-month period, you will not receive any loyalty bonus on it. This withdrawal will not affect the acquisition of basic interest. This bonus is applied from the day of payment. The day following the accrual date of the loyalty bonus begins a new 12-month accrual period. The bank can change the loyalty bonus rate at any time. The loyalty bonus rate in force at the time of payment or the start of a new period remains unchanged for a period of 12 months. The loyalty bonuses already accrued are paid into your account on the first day after the end of the quarter in which they accrued, i.e. on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 or when the account was closed.

Customers will be notified of any changes to the above fees through their bank statements. 


Management fees 

  • opening: free.
  • closing: free.
  • annual statement: 8 euros per statement.

Possible insurance: 10 euros per year

Postage and other expenses, if any: 

  • 3 euros per delivery to Belgium
  • 5 euros per delivery abroad 
  • post available at the branch: 15 euros per month.

II. Where can I view the BBVA savings calculator?

Developed by each credit institution, this savings calculator applies to all individual regulated savings accounts. The aim is to see how the different interest rates (basic rate and loyalty bonus) are accrued in a specific account, so that you can estimate the financial impact of any cash withdrawal. You can access this tool online once you have completed the necessary checks on your PC banking system. Once you have signed in to your BBVA Net account through, in the "Checking accounts" tab and then in the "Personal accounts" section, click on "Savings calculator" to access the calculator.

III. What account and what remuneration are right for you?

This link will direct you to the calculator website developed by the FSMA, which, after entering some details such as the amount and duration of the savings, offers you an overview of the remuneration per regulated savings account and by bank.

IV. Link to the bank switching service:

This link takes you to the Febelfin bank switching service page, where you will find all the information you need to use this service to switch banks.

V. Main risks:

Bankruptcy risk: in the event of bankruptcy or risk of bankruptcy of the financial institution, the saver risks not recovering their savings or may be obliged to reduce or convert the credit they hold with the financial institution into capital stock (bail-in) which exceeds €100,000, the amount covered by the deposit protection scheme. BBVA is a member of the Spanish mandatory deposit guarantee system. You can obtain more information about this protection system on the website

Inflation risk: the continued rise in prices could result in the loss of value of the money deposited.

VI. Others:

The savings account described on this page is a BBVA regulated savings account. This product is governed by Belgian law and its duration is unlimited.

VII. Taxation:

No withholding is applied on account for the first tier of interest (up to a maximum of EUR 1,020 for 2024) received per account, per individual resident in Belgium and per year. This amount is doubled for accounts opened in the name of married spouses or legally cohabiting couples (i.e. a maximum limit of EUR 2,040 for 2024). The withholding on account is 15% of the interest that exceeds the maximum limit. Your bank automatically retains it at source. If you have several savings accounts, you are obliged to declare the interest earned that exceeds the maximum limit not subject to withholding in your tax return.

VIII. Complaints:

In the event of a complaint, you can contact customer services by emailing or by sending a letter to the legal department. If you are not satisfied with a response, you can contact the financial ombudsman (